Stream local audio to sonos using IceCast

Finally I found a solution to stream all my local played audio to my SONOS speaker: The setup in the end turned out to be very simple using the NiceCast audio server.

The solution is very simple: Use NiceCast to create an audio server that provides a streamable URL: In the end your mac acts as a local “internet radio station”, that any streaming client like the SONOS player can access.

One little drawback: The audio has a small delay of about 1-1.5 seconds: Not a problem for music only, but surely not enough if you want to watch a movie - the sound then will be delayed.

Step 1 - Install NiceCast

You can find NiceCast here: If you want to use it after the trial period, it costs about $60.

Step 2 - Setup NiceCast to source your system audio

  • Start NiceCast
  • Choose “Source”, select “System Audio”
  • Choose “Share”, copy the streaming URL
  • start broadcasting by click on “Start Broadcast”

Step 3 - Configure a radio station in SONOS controller

Open the SONOS controller e.g. on Mac * go to “Manage” > “Add Radio Station” * Add the NiceCast Streaming URL and a name * Find the new Radion station in “TuneIn Radio Stations” > “My Radio Station” * Press play and enjoy!