My digital home. A place for my code, random notes, projects, random stuff.

I am a long time developer, and as time passes, a lot of useful and not so useful stuff emerged from me. Take this page as my "Business Card", or my personal timeline as a coder and geek. Stay here, take some inspiration, or browse away. It doesn't bother me.

Feel free to use any code you find here for whatever you find it useful. Just drop me a note if you do so.

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Programs, Hardware, other stuff I want to display or document. An unordered list of my favorite projects:

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A bunch of code snippets I produced over the time as a coder. If you don't fear ugly code with no explanation, this is for you.
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My experiments with creating electronic music. I create music using a Tracker and / or Sequencer / DAW. Hear some of my work here.
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My own photography, some of the pictures worth displaying them. Have a look and enjoy.

What time is it?

A clock experiment, showing the actual time in a different color