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Stream local audio to sonos using IceCast

Finally I found a solution to stream all my local played audio to my SONOS speaker: The setup in the end turned out to be very simple using the NiceCast audio server.

The solution is very simple: Use NiceCast to create an audio server that provides a streamable URL: In the end your mac acts as a local "internet radio station", that any streaming client like the SONOS player can access.

One little drawback: The audio has a small delay of about 1-1.5 seconds: Not a problem for music only, but surely not enough if you want to watch a movie - the sound then will be delayed.

Step 1 - Install NiceCast

You can find NiceCast here: https://www.rogueamoeba.com/nicecast/. If you want to use it after the trial period, it costs about $60.

Step 2 - Setup NiceCast to source your system audio

  1. Start NiceCast
  2. Choose "Source", select "System Audio"
  3. Choose "Share", copy the streaming URL
  4. start broadcasting by click on "Start Broadcast"

Step 3 - Configure a radio station in SONOS controller

  1. Open the SONOS controller e.g. on Mac
  2. go to "Manage" > "Add Radio Station"
  3. Add the NiceCast Streaming URL and a name
  4. Find the new Radion station in "TuneIn Radio Stations" > "My Radio Station"
  5. Press play and enjoy!