Synology CloudStation: File/Dir exclude patterns2020-04-12

If you are using Synology CloudStation as a user that uses a lot of small and unneccessary files (like library files as a developer, e.g. node_modules) on your Synology-synced folder, it can be a real pain syncing those folder. It takes hours, if not days, to complete, and on every library update/change it happens again.

So there is no way in the Synology UI to configure exclusion patterns.

Anyway, there seems to be some configuration files where you can put your exclutions files / folders:

Edit the file as needed:


black_name = "@tmp", "@eaDir", ".SynologyWorkingDirectory", "#recycle", "desktop.ini", ".ds_store", "Icon\r", "thumbs.db", "$Recycle.Bin", "@sharebin", "tmp", "temp", "System Volume Information", "Program Files", "Program Files (x86)", "ProgramData", "#snapshot"
black_prefix = "~"
max_size = 0

black_name = ".git", "node_modules", "@tmp", "@eaDir", ".SynologyWorkingDirectory", "#recycle", "desktop.ini", ".ds_store", "Icon\r", "thumbs.db", "$Recycle.Bin", "@sharebin", "System Volume Information", "Program Files", "Program Files (x86)", "ProgramData", "#snapshot"


Here I added .git and node_modules, for example.